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Day three hundred and sixty one

Yoga in the park again! And more amazing weather. I cannot go into the sun for an extended amount of time unless I have no straps to make tan lines. The wedding is soon! I wore some jean shorts and a bandana shirt…it seemed like a good idea but it’s not an ideal yoga outfit even thought is crazy warm and yoga is outside. Oh well, I tried to focus the best I could.



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Day three hundred and fifty four

And today for something different…yoga in the park! It happens Wednesdays in the summer thanks to a local gym. I have driven by it a few times and each time I was like ‘next week!’…well this week I made it on a very sunny evening.
The flow itself wasn’t my favorite but being outside was!

What a different view for my practice today!

Also I figured out table decorations…woohoo!

Super simple and I would say classy. The table cloth is actually an aisle runner that we will cut to the proper table lengths.