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Day three hundred and sixty two

I witnessed something before and after deep stretch this evening that I found to be…well disjointed. There was this guy smoking a cigarette looking like he had just gotten our of some hot flowy class. And then after what may have been the same guy was talking to a girl smoking who also looked sweaty and post-class.
I judged them and then I tried not to but really who does that?!

Good class, very relaxing.
And then we got our first wedding present which is awesome!



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Day three hundred and forty nine

11:30 pm yoga for Friday! This is not my ideal…but it is a case of some yoga is better than no yoga. The day just slipped away with work, marriage applications, dress fittings, hair appointments and so on. There was also a close to last minute bridesmaid dress change, the wedding is in two week and we just now decide what we picked out are no good. Oh well. New dresses have mostly been found and will be better than ever!
It was a good lesson about not getting too hung up on one detail. Planning can get stressful but in the end little details won’t end mattering so much and the day will fly by and be wonderful. Maybe steering is a better approach than driving.
Happy weekend!

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Day three hundred and forty

Wednesday yoga was at home in the afternoon. Luckily I snuck out of work a little early and had time for practice before the wedding…otherwise I wouldn’t have gotten it in until after midnight and then it wouldn’t have counted for Wednesday. It was a nice long home practice, longer than lately anyway.
It was a nice wedding and a nice day.

20130704-215909.jpg The inlet.

20130704-220202.jpg The dancing new couple!

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Day three hundred and twenty four

Today I get home and by time it was yoga time I sort of went SPLAT on mat. Painting makes me tired…maybe the smell has something to do with it. And it’s so HOT!
Anyway, I did some floor yoga and transitioned it to standing and a little flow yoga.
Tomorrow is lunch Bikram…that’s a good one!
In 6 weeks from right now I will be married! And will have been for about 5 hours…wow!!!
Good night .