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One year of yoga every day.
I ended with 8 am pre-wedding day yoga. Cousins and friends and family all joined and the teacher kept talking about being my year thing.
Good class. My leg and knee aren’t quite right from when I pulled my hamstring…today was the best its felt though.
I must thank you all for your support in this little challenge! Including Melanie for being such a great Bikram teacher. And I must think my fiancé (but only for the rest of today) for being to supportive and motivating and patient through this challenge. I love you!




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Day three hundred and fifty five

Back to Bikram! A full 90 minutes. I kept finding my mind wondering off and planning the wedding but not in a way that was really distracting from the practice. It was like my mind and body were letting each other do what they needed to do.
Lately I’ve been trying to get into savasana as quickly as possible. I notice that I tend to be the last person to lie down…it is a simple goal but harder than it sounds.
That’s it.

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Day three hundred and forty eight

Lunch Bikram! I totally forgot this class existed…I was going to go to the 4:30 afternoon one but luckily my future husband reminded me of the noon class which was much better.
There was so much sunshine today!
Our fav teacher was very chatty today and full of fun tidbits and this insight which I found quite nice. She decided that Bikram yoga is a kriya. Kriyas are continuous motions you do so as to make your body super uncomfortable so you’re mind has to be strong and overcome what the body is doing. A similar thing happens with Bikram, it is crazy uncomfortable at times but the mind must take over and get the body through it. I liked that.

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Day three hundred and forty one

HAPPY 4th of JULY!
Bikram today, freedom Bikram…Freekram!
The class was jam packed full, like how it is in the dead of winter. It was hot! I had a hell of a time. I had to sit out several second sets, I felt like barfing, I wanted to leave, it was rough. I did it. And then I was so hungry and tired.
I’m glad I went, I was really glad it ended.

I received my handmade wedding ring today! Made by a friend!

It’s a tad not the right size so I’ll get it next week!

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Day three hundred and thirty two

I made it to lunch Bikram! So did my wonderful fiance and my momma. I do like being in a class with family. 

I felt good in standing bow pose, i’ve been having trouble with balance the last few classes but today was better. My hamstring is starting to loosen up and is starting to get back to normal which is allowing my knee to feel stronger. The moral of the story is to not stop yoga-ing even if you get hurt. Probably especially if you get hurt. 

Paint paint paint! I’m getting closer to being done painting.

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Day three hundred and twenty seven

Happy Maximum Axial Tilt Day!!! Also more commonly known as Solstice…!
The celestial event occurred around 9:40 pm in Alaska. It’s the longest day of the year! And guess what…my plan of having a long evening just isn’t going to happen. I’m about to go to sleep.
But happy solstice anyway! Tomorrow will still be plenty long anyway.

This helps visualize what is happening to make the sun last so long. It’s part of the Milankovitch cycles.

I went to an hour lunch Bikram with my mom. The fans did not get turned on until nearly the end. I had to focus on not letting this bother me…it really wasn’t too bad, pretty sweaty but not too bad.