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Day three hundred and fifty nine

Just some home yoga a week prior to wedding day! Such a hot and sunny day.
I love having the habit of home yoga. It has taken nearly a year to have it feel like a real part of my day.
The best part of savasana is when you can feel the ground or surface pushing up against your body and at the same time feel your body pushing against the floor or whatever surface the same amount. That’s the third law of physics, equal and opposite forces.
Pre-wedding week weather! Hope it holds…



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Day three hundred and fifty six

Work, wedding plan, yoga!
A little late, after 11pm feels a bit late for my yoga but it works. I started on my mat standing and just swung my arms around in different ways. This feels good and is fun but if attempting be sure to keep the core strong or you may fall over or pull something. That’s my warning take it or leave it.
It’s getting dark!

The stoop in the 11:40 pm dimness that is midish-late July. It’s warm though. So warm the windows are left open all day and I can write this outside at night in a t-shirt. A nice Alaska summer is why we live here and it makes all the darkness and wetness worth it!

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Day three hundred and fifty five

Back to Bikram! A full 90 minutes. I kept finding my mind wondering off and planning the wedding but not in a way that was really distracting from the practice. It was like my mind and body were letting each other do what they needed to do.
Lately I’ve been trying to get into savasana as quickly as possible. I notice that I tend to be the last person to lie down…it is a simple goal but harder than it sounds.
That’s it.

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Day three hundred and fifty four

And today for something different…yoga in the park! It happens Wednesdays in the summer thanks to a local gym. I have driven by it a few times and each time I was like ‘next week!’…well this week I made it on a very sunny evening.
The flow itself wasn’t my favorite but being outside was!

What a different view for my practice today!

Also I figured out table decorations…woohoo!

Super simple and I would say classy. The table cloth is actually an aisle runner that we will cut to the proper table lengths.

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Day three hundred and fifty three

Deep stretch was hard today. It was a good class but heavy on the hips and not easy. It’s funny how I sometimes assume that class will be easy or purely relaxing. It actually tends to be intense and not always relaxing until the end. At one point we were in malasana pose and suddenly om-ing…it was one of those funny yoga moments where you think ‘this is so weird’. But then it was nice and it was over.
This is malasana pose:

It’s a funny drawing but you get the gist.

Sometimes a girl just needs to paint her toes!