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a new blog for a new year

hello anyone out there that may see this! i just want to share my new blog with you. if you like check it out here…





One year of yoga every day.
I ended with 8 am pre-wedding day yoga. Cousins and friends and family all joined and the teacher kept talking about being my year thing.
Good class. My leg and knee aren’t quite right from when I pulled my hamstring…today was the best its felt though.
I must thank you all for your support in this little challenge! Including Melanie for being such a great Bikram teacher. And I must think my fiancé (but only for the rest of today) for being to supportive and motivating and patient through this challenge. I love you!



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Day three hundred and sixty four

One day left.
Second to last was home yoga. No time for the studio plus I took a nice nap.
But I have grown to love the home yoga.
Bikram tomorrow at 8 am to finish off the year! My favorite teacher is teaching and many friends and family members are joining. It will be quite the class!
The final touches of the wedding are about done…
Like this one!

Last night’s sunset was amazing and at around 12:30.



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Day three hundred and sixty two

I witnessed something before and after deep stretch this evening that I found to be…well disjointed. There was this guy smoking a cigarette looking like he had just gotten our of some hot flowy class. And then after what may have been the same guy was talking to a girl smoking who also looked sweaty and post-class.
I judged them and then I tried not to but really who does that?!

Good class, very relaxing.
And then we got our first wedding present which is awesome!


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Day three hundred and sixty one

Yoga in the park again! And more amazing weather. I cannot go into the sun for an extended amount of time unless I have no straps to make tan lines. The wedding is soon! I wore some jean shorts and a bandana shirt…it seemed like a good idea but it’s not an ideal yoga outfit even thought is crazy warm and yoga is outside. Oh well, I tried to focus the best I could.


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Day three hundred and sixty

What?! Five more days and one year will have passed, one yoga filled year!
This day’s practice began at 6am with a radiant flow class. Last time I went to one of those it was subzero and pitch black dark, today it was light and around 60 degrees. Class was good and wakeful which is what you want at 6am. I kinda took it easy because I was just not loosening up very quickly.
Later I found this article…
I will admit, I only opened it becausep of all the cats…but it turned out to be pretty good. Including the cats!

Bunch a geese.