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Day three hundred and thirty five

That seemed to take FOREVER! Two sets feel like more that twice as one set. Knowing whats next can make it seem longer. Good class though. HOT! I was not feeling acclimated. But I made it to the end and felt good about.

Tomorrow is moving day! Woohoo!


Lovely evening 10 pm bike home from king salmon dinner at patents’.


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Day three hundred and thirty four

ANOTHER day of painting and working and painting and yoga-ing at home. I look forward to Bikram at 9:30 am tomorrow…after some painting of course. And then the packing will start, for the moving.
Anyway, yoga at home started standing with some mountain pose with a block between the legs, this really makes you be aware of leg placement.
This is the bathroom…looking pretty good, not perfect.


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Day three hundred and thirty two

I made it to lunch Bikram! So did my wonderful fiance and my momma. I do like being in a class with family. 

I felt good in standing bow pose, i’ve been having trouble with balance the last few classes but today was better. My hamstring is starting to loosen up and is starting to get back to normal which is allowing my knee to feel stronger. The moral of the story is to not stop yoga-ing even if you get hurt. Probably especially if you get hurt. 

Paint paint paint! I’m getting closer to being done painting.


Day three hundred and thirty one

I got out for a jog/run this afternoon before going to paint. At my turn around/push ups point I looked to the right and took this…

Then I looked to the left.

And then I looked behind me!

A lovely estuary!

It was such a beautiful afternoon! You would be hard pressed to find a city with such amazing views, and so close to home!

I did some slow yoga tonight. I needed to work out the stiff joints. My hands have been getting tired and stiff with all the painting.
Yay for yoga!

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Day three hundred and thirty

Rest and restore. That was the class we went to this evening. We needed to both rest and restore after all of this house work. It was a class full of props. I haven’t been to such a prop heavy class in so long. It was a nice and relaxing change. You just can totally let the props support you and allow gravity to do all the work.
We must move next weekend! We have some stuff to do.



I purchased the second 5 gallon bucket of paint today. And that does not include the primer!