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Day three hundred and six

I went to Bikram this afternoon. I’m not sure the last time I did that, I suppose I could look that up on this blog but I’ll just estimate at least one week. I went in spite of it being another insanely gorgeous sunny day and the fact that half my face was numb from getting a filling a short hour prior to class. I went and it was good. My knee is feeling good but I chose to take it a little easy, still sitting out triangle for now. Face down savasana felt really weird when my numb side was down. I ucould feel the pressure of my bones on the floor but not the tissue in between the two…it was like my bones were hovering over the mat with no face.
I did get out for a walk.
The Lagoon.


This could be our one week of summer so we best enjoy it!


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Day three hundred and five

Today I could not go to the studio. The reason is because it was just too damn nice out to be inside! I saw 82 degrees at one point. Lucky for me I got to spend most of my work day out of doors!

This was my view for a good part of the day.
I wanted to say outside when I got home so I decided to do yoga outside. I also needed to work on my tan…gotta take advantage of the sunshine.

I tried to do one pose at a time like what happens in Bikram rather than flow between them. I was mostly successful. Savasana was much easier for me in the sunshine.

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Day three hundred and four

So wow! This turned out to be a big big day!

I had a plan to get to an hour lunch Bikram class but it just wasn’t meant to be. Instead we closed on a house! And then went and raked our new yard in the nice bright hot sun. 

Also… Happy Birthday Rory!!! I’m so excited for our house and future and present. 

There was some in house yoga practice done later in the evening. I’m realizing that my home practice is becoming more important, it may become the main way I can have a practice at all in the coming month. This summer is about to get crazy busy! I’m excited and slightly  overwhelmed.

The goal is to get to yoga tomorrow and/or on Thursday.


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Day three hundred and three

Alright. Still a day behind…but seriously these days have been busy and long! We are up to some 18 hours of daylight up here. This post is for Memorial Day, Monday the 27th. We went to Valdez in the morning! I have some photos to share. It was the most fabulous day for a drive.

After the 300 + miles I did some post-driving yoga at home. I was tired and not in the mood for yoga but as per use some yoga is always better than no yoga. This is especially true after driving and riding in a car for hours.

Ok photo sharing time.

ImageThis the Matanuska River Valley. It is crazy lovely.

ImageThe Valdez small boat harbor. 

ImageThe Wrangells, a view from the Richardson Highway, a great view with some great advise.

Alright. Thats all for Monday.

Practice makes perfect.

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Day three hundred and two

Sunday! I was up early, pretty early for a Sunday, to fit my yoga in before our road trip down to Valdez. I had never been and it turned out to be a rather long drive… My body greeted me that morning with a knot in the neck…right off the bat too. So my practice that morning focused on trying to relax the knot. It helped. On another note, my knee still is feeling better!

I must now share some photos of the drive.

This is the majestic Matanuska River. There is a glacier up there somewhere as well.Image

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Day three hundred and one

Whew! Too much wine and bubbles at the garden party made for a rough wake up… But it was an insanely nice sunny day! So warm. We cruiser biked all over and I may have a little burn.

Worth it!
Yoga had to wait until just now. This evening. I needed to take that time and yoga a bit. My knee is still feeling good! Maybe it’s better… I need to get up early and do the yoga because we’re going Valdez tomorrow. Weeeee!

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Day three hundred

Friday! Day 300! What? How did that happen?
I got up extra early to get my practice in. Busy day. I got massaged for my knee and had my lovely garden party bridal shower! It was so fun. And so sunny!

I was forced to wear this magnificent hat the entire time!
6 am floor yoga is one of the best types. I suggest it and plan on it for tomorrow.