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Day two hundred and seventy four

So I woke up with my knee sore today…not sure why. I think all my muscles in my leg got super tight and are now pulling on my knee in a funny way. I’m hoping as my leg relaxes my knee will feel better. I went to deep stretch and it was relaxing and difficult. It is always challenging to hold poses for so long.
We are moving forward with buying a house! Inspection is Thursday…wish us luck!

20130429-214033.jpg Nice yes?!
This process happens fast! It was quite surprising. So if you are looking for a house be ready to jump!


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Day two hundred and seventy three

Post for Sunday. I’ll just say it…I woke up sleep deprived and hung over. All that wine paired with headstand attempts followed by a light dinner paired with prosecco followed by a late night show paired with whiskey was a recipe for a slow Sunday. So I did yoga at home in the evening. The end.

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Day two hundred and seventy one

Back to Bikram! And it was great. I hadn’t been in quite a while. It almost felt like by having not been in a while I was stronger. Not just physically but mentally. I had let go of expectations. What I had been struggling with wasn’t on my mind at the beginning. During the first back bend I could see the back wall, just a bit but I saw it. Then in standing head to toe I was able to straighten both legs on each side. In addition I got my right toes all the way around my left leg in eagle! Not just a little around but full on locked around the calf. Now I know how it feels and I want to feel it again! I want to get to Bikram as much as possible for the next month and then it will be full on summer and we will be moving and painting the new place and then we’ll be married!
It wasn’t a perfect class. My hamstring locked up in triangle and when I was coming up I fell over! Full on to the floor fell down. Still a good class!
The flight home. Alaska is the most beautiful!


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Day two hundred and sixty nine

This morning I was thinking of about how I sometimes ramble about seemingly random things on here. Then I decided that that is ok. It’s good to notice your surroundings and appreciate little things throughout the day that make you smile or feel calm. Especially on days that are busy. I feel like that can also be yoga.
Morning flowers.

Afternoon canopy. Oak tree?

I had a little practice this morning to get ready for the long day. A long busy hot day led to just a little evening practice.
I’ll be heading home sooner than later. Friday morning now rather than Friday late night.
Its been a good week!