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Day two hundred and forty three

goals for Bikram in the new hot room:
#1 don’t barf.
#2 try not to leave the room
So far that’s all I have.
That heat is just so hot and inescapable! I have heard some talk around the studio by regulars saying that they’re starting to get used to it. There is definitely an adjustment period ahead. I was beat after and it took a while but now I’m feeling much better, energy is on its way up!
I saw this earlier today and thought it pretty sweet.

20130329-224245.jpg isn’t that adorable?! good use of peeps!


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Day two hundred and forty one

This is for yesterday which was Wednesday… I remember being sore from Tuesday’s shred/Bikram session. I did yoga at home in the living room. I don’t recall the specifics but it happened.
It was also day 10 of my 30 day cleanse program. This meant it was time for a weigh in complete with measurements. I was pleased and surprised with my results so I shall share them.

20130328-155646.jpg In addition to that I have noticed better energy, and that is without coffee consumption (which I miss but am still abstaining from). It’s worth checking out…
P.s. one more week of being 27…then it’s onto my late twenties…yikes!

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Day two hundred and forty

How could you do that to us?! I thought we were friends…
That’s a little dramatic but really…why?!
So our studio finally expanded and opened the much talked about, much anticipated new hot room. This bigger and better room (and pretty) is equipped with some sort of new fangled heating that ‘heats the mass in the room and not the air’. It’s supposed to be a healthier heat. There is also a better filtration and ventilation system. That’s all well and fine but god damn if that’s not hot the I don’t know what is! Or as my father would maybe say…something like…if that’s not hot than monkeys can fly out my ass!

On another note…my sister and I skipped regular life things like work and chemistry quizzes to go slash some sick pow!

20130326-222732.jpg That was done here at good ol’ Alyeska.


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Day two hundred and thirty eight

Today is kind of a strange day. It’s a lovely snowy Sunday but strange because its also a fast day. Part of that cleanse has fasting days. I feel surprisingly good, very good really but it’s still odd. Anyway, I went to a 90 minute deep stretch today. During class I was thinking how the deep stretch class is not a beginners’ class. Unless you’re a beginner who is willing to not necessarily do what is being instructed to do. You could really hurt yourself. I know this because I did hurt myself in the same class last summer. I wasn’t even brand new to the class and managed to badly hurt my lower back. So just be careful. Those classes get you so deep into poses you probably don’t spend much time in any other style class. People also might think that deep stretch is where to go if you have an injury, especially a back injury. I would say no. Defiantly not, it is too easy to get into a funky pose and exasperate the problem. I would head straight to Bikram and do what can be done. Check out deep stretch when you know what hurts and what feels good but don’t start there.
I found a particular pose rather nice today. It was bound supta padangusthasana with supported fish. It looks something like this…

20130324-174821.jpg In class it was very relaxing and opening. At home for this photo it was less of those things…but this is the gist of it. Full fish pose is maybe more like this:

But that’s a bit extreme for me. For now.

Later I visited a friend and her baby chickens!