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Day two hundred and thirteen

I’ve been walking to work and plan on it again tomorrow. It makes such a difference in my day to start with even a short walk.

Living room yoga for me today. My shoulder is finally feeling better but I’ll be careful to not over do it. I have decided that I will try to do a balancing pose with each home practice. Even if it’s a simple tree pose. Tonight I tried some crow pose. Balancing poses are fun and something I’d like to be better at it. Plus they are good for the core and for practicing concentration.
These all look kinda crazy and impossible but at the same time fun and maybe rewarding. If you could do them then you would be quite strong!






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Two hundred and twelve

Coming home to the wonderful smell of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies full of ground coffee and cinnamon that had been cooling on the counter after an extra humid Bikram class is one of my new favorite things and that is exactly what just happened! Lucky me. Lucky us, these particular cookies happen to be Rory’s favorite (that’s my fiancĂ© in case you’ve forgotten or don’t yet know he exists)!

The class started out less hot than usual, it’s silly to use the word cooler when describing a Bikram class, but soon become hot and probably too humid. I had a small revelation during standing head to knee pose. I have recently been working on straightening the forward knee but have not been getting it very high, where it looks like your heel comes out of your hip. Today on the second set I realized that I can actually stand up out of my hips a little more and that gave me the room to better extend my leg. I’m excited about this small feat because standing head to knee is a pose I had resigned myself to just get through and not strive to get better. But it doesn’t have to be that way! I will strive to get better.
Another pose that was a bit different and unexpectedly so today was camel. I usually am right on board to get out of it but during second set I lingered. I wanted to stay even longer but did not want to attract the attention. However I was by far the last one to get out and into savasana.
So it was by all accounts a fantastic class. Rory and I even got a ‘nice’ while in cobra.
Namaste and good night.

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Day two hundred and eleven

I went to bed last night tired and rather sore from Sunday’s Bikram and woke up less tired but maybe more sore. It was nice to come home and slowly do some floor yoga and work the stiff out of my muscles.
That’s about it.
We just watched this movie “Jesus Henry Christ”, check it out for something different.
P.s. it’s a full moon! And not just any full moon! February’s full moon is the Snow Moon!

Stay cozy.

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Day two hundred and ten

Oh no! I forgot about this blog business! I got distracted making a wedding registry…

I made it to a Bikram and it was so great! I was strong and my mind let thoughts come and go rather than fixate on them. Our teacher described some of the faces she was seeing as looking bewildered. I like that word and think it is quite fitting in describing a Bikram yoga class. Merriam Webster defines it as “1 : to cause to lose one’s bearings 2 : to perplex or confuse especially by a complexity, variety, or multitude of objects or considerations”. That seems about right.

The Asana Championships are coming up this weekend. I’m very interested in checking them out. Word is they will be streaming online…
Check out the site at your leisure and I shall too when I’m not so sleepy…watch this!

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Day two hundred and nine

9.something ski day! We are in practice for a 25K classic ski race. I am excited! I did one last year and could hardly walk after so this year my goal is to be able to walk. I was sore at the end of today’s ski but after some yoga and a walk I am no longer. I think this is a good sign. The regular yoga doing has helped I just know it!

20130223-214516.jpg Some off trail beach skiing.

20130223-214606.jpg Ladies…you have made it into my little blog world…hope that’s cool. Cheers to more ski days!

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Day two hundred and eight

20130222-213442.jpg It happened again.

20130222-213526.jpg I dropped a Bikram class for some time up there with my sister!

20130222-213647.jpg It was just so glorious out! We’ve been riding there together for going on 16 years!
I was so cold and tired that I really just wanted to get cozy and go to bed but instead of course I did some yoga. I decided to try something different. I closed my eyes and did my best to keep them that way for the entirety of my little practice. It was very relaxing. Transitioning from the floor to a standing posture with the eyes shut is difficult but a good challenge. I suggest trying this if you need to mix your practice up or feel unmotivated and need a little goal to help get going.

I shall end with this little nugget of a text quote curtesy of my sister. She is a funny one. “It’s so fun to go hang out with a bunch of dudes after they snowmachine….said no girl ever.” So true. Remember that boys.

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Day two hundred and seven

Bikram was replaced by night riding! Sorry but I’m not sorry, it’s fun and not available year round or even week round.

20130221-220217.jpg A bit foggy up top!

20130221-220307.jpg But still lovely as per use.

I did some yoga after work in preparation of going riding. And then I did a little more after. Triangle (non Bikram style) is nice after snowboarding, it gets into the hips and stretches the legs. I find it necessary to work towards evening out the legs and hips because snowboarding utilizes these areas in a very unfair way, it’s all sideways!
This was a funny article I came across earlier.