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Day one hundred and sixty nine

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A very rainy and sloppy Sunday. I sat and tried to finish The Science of Yoga while drinking coffee and staying dry. I would like to say its finished but that’s not quite true. I will eventually finish the final 6 or so pages. Overall the book is good, it has lots of information and is interesting. It’s just not written in a way that flows naturally. Or something like that, I found it disjointed and hard to follow. But still I would say its worth picking up.
I did some living room yoga this evening. My legs are quite sore so it was nice to move at my own pace. I’m signed up for several classes this week, that way I won’t have to be wait listed all the time and wonder if I’ll get in.
Good night week.


Author: yogaforemily

I have challenged myself to do yoga everyday for one year and thought I'd blog about it. I have been practicing yoga on and off and back and forth for about 9 years and I have decided that it is time for me to really delve in and figure out what it's all about, if it is something I want to make part of my life. I also thought this might put some discipline in to my day and be a fun way to express my thoughts and share some pictures that may or may not have anything directly to do with yoga.

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