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Day one hundred and eighty five

I feel like a puddle. A blobby puddle roughly in the shape of me. Whew! Good class though. I managed to do every pose and nearly almost all of the sit ups. Sometimes while in triangle I feel like it will be impossible to stand up and then straighten the leg, I managed though not to fear! I also got a ‘beautiful’ while in full locust so good class all in all!

We did not learn why half tortoise is called that but this is full tortoise!

20130129-222724.jpg What the what!??!
Good thing there’s a half…


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Day one hundred and eighty four

Finally an evening for some yoga at home. I like that now and again. Yesterday in deep stretch we did some cat cow and the teacher said something like: if you do just one pose a day cat cow would probably be the one. I must agree, for now anyways. And yes I would say that one pose a day would count as doing yoga everyday. I have read that yoga means to yoke in Hindu. This at least in part means yoga is to connect; the breath to the movement, the movement to the mind, the mind to the heart, the heart to the breath. So as long a a conscience connection is being made then you are doing yoga.

Watch for a yoga laugh…

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Day one hundred and eighty two

So this lady had herself too many wines at her little party last night. So today I didn’t do much but I did go to a yoga basics class! If the class was any hotter or longer I may not have made it through.
Apparently I thought it would be fun to show off some yoga moves while trying on a new outfit. It was a naked lady party so trying on new outfits was sort of the point. Not really sure what move this is anyway…

20130126-215754.jpg Just thought I’d share…I had a good laugh when I got this via text message.
It was a nice day despite the minor hangover.
I believe what happened is this. I went to Bikram yesterday afternoon and then ate a late lunch and drank a juice and water. But alas it wasn’t enough to start an evening of wine drinking on.

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Day one hundred and eighty one

Watch this.
Had to share. It’s true. Tried to go snowboarding but the mountain didn’t open cause of wind? And we didn’t wanna wait around…
So I went to Bikram! With mom and sister. I got a “Emily that’s beautiful.” while in standing bow pulling! So that was awesome.
Who knows why half tortoise is called half tortoise? I do not and apparently neither does the google…

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Day one hundred and eighty

I dropped Bikram this afternoon because it was so sunny and warm and I got to go ice skating with two lovely friends.

20130124-225709.jpg Pretty perfect.

Afterward I did about 20 minutes of sort of slow deep stretch and then some flow for another 20.
My left leg has been sort of sore, stiff and maybe has some sciatica like feelings. I think it’ll work it’s self out after a while.

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Day one hundred and seventy nine

Not quite Bikram but close…it was traditional hot for 75 minutes. The lights were a bit low which at first I was very happy about but once we got going I decided that it was much more difficult and I found myself wanting the lights on bright. It is much easier to balance when you can see very well.

I’ve got two new books to read. They arrived today!

The sky was still plenty light at 4:40 pm! It is always such a relief when the light lengthens.