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Day one hundred and fifty five

So this day got away from me with all the Americans and saying bye to a friend and then packing up for the new years. It led to me skipping Bikram and doing a little bit of yoga in the loving room, a few sun salutations to be specific. And then…

Happy new years eve eve!


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Day one hundred and fifty four

Post wedding partying = 20 minute livingroom yoga session.
My obliques were rather sore from the previous three days in a row and from the amazing dancing that went on last night! Gentle twisting was the name of the game this evening.
We also got a little Nordic skiing in!

20121229-221454.jpg Storms a brewin’!

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Day one hundred and fifty one

December 26, was an awesomely short day at work which led into a 2pm Bikram class! It was so nice being in an uncrowded class for a change. Our teacher said something that I really liked which was something she said Bikram said during her teacher training: “99% correct is 100% wrong.” I think that is such a great quote! Do it right, which really means just do your very best to do it right every time.
This is what my mom got us for Christmas!

20121226-181546.jpg It also says “we do the poses because the poses must be done” (who said that?). Good one mom!

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Day one hundred and fifty

Happy Christmas!!! This post may be a day late but I still mean it.
White Christmas with a family ski.

There was much talk of going to Bikram but in the end we all opted out except for my sister, she couldn’t stay away.
I instead had a mysterious stomach ache so did yoga in the living room. It helped but made for a forgettable yoga session. Still some is always better than none.

20121226-180757.jpg So I just had to share this Christmas card that I gave to my fiancé. Sea Otters and yoga practices both love bacon!

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Day one hundred and fifty

Merry Christmas Eve!
And what a merry day it’s been. Making, buying and giving presents. And an ice skate with family and a good friend!

Yoga really helps with the skating moves, I don’t have many but the one I do have I owe to yoga! after skating I did some living room yoga and listened to the newest Christmas episode of This American Life! My favorite podcast.

Happy Holidays!

20121224-172159.jpg oops…sideways.