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Day one hundred and twenty five

Today I participated in the biggest shit show I’ve ever known. And the coldest! Probably the most expensive. Lesson learned: do NOT put gasoline in a diesel engine (I didn’t do it but I was there).


I didn’t make it to either of the yoga classes I signed up for. I did make myself do some before bed. Half was child’s pose and half wind removing/happy baby. Some is ALWAYS better than none.
Tomorrow’s another day.


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Day one hundred and twenty four

Watch this. Before you read on, if you read on that is.
Show this to the friend that has a million excuses not to try.

My evening practice was not very vigorous. It’s safe to say it was mellow and comfortable. I’m kinda stuck in that routine. I’m not sure how to mix it up. It may be time to up my home practice and let up on the studio. Winter is here and hopefully more snow soon. The cross country skiing and snowboarding might start to cut into studio time.

I was just reminding myself that although sometimes I don’t feel like I’m doing enough or the right sort of yoga all the time that it is working. My back hasn’t acted up in so long. Not even during that bit of too much flying I recently did. So bit by bit I’m getting stronger or at least maintaining the strength I’ve achieved so far.

Oh! And I got a haircut! Which is nice.

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Day one hundred and twenty three

Woohoo! Back to Bikram! Finally after over two weeks.

This morning when working in the super cold out of doors I was really looking forward to the hot room.

Especially when the sun was about to shine down and at least offer the elusion of warmth a nice thick ice fog moved in and swiftly removed any hope of feeling less frozen.

When class started I was thinking ‘oh no oh no it’s happening, why am I doing this? it’s sooo hard’…. Then I calmed down and realized that it won’t last forever and remembered that I’ve felt that way before and never regretted going to yoga, ever. It was a wonderful class and I feel great! May be a bit sore tomorrow but in oh such a good way.

P.s. Lunar eclipse tomorrow morn! Between 5 and 6…and the skies look clear to me! I’m going to try and check it.

Namaste and good night.

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Day one hundred and twenty two

Can you say exhausted? I can! That’s what I am. Back to work after two weeks out of the office (not off work) was spent outside working in 5 degrees…the whole week will be this way. Nice to ease back in…
Anyway. A little pre dinner yoga and a longer post dinner. That’s all I got today. Signed up for Bikram tomorrow night! Woohoo! It’ll thaw me out after a full day in single digit temps.