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Day ninety five

After three days away from the hot studio it sure felt good to get to Bikram (technically traditional hot but it was pretty close)… Sorry to my mat neighbors, I know how sniffly I was and am pretty sure it may have been annoying. On the bright side I feel much better! I confess to eating some candy today at work. We had a meeting and there were halloween candy, cookies, cupcakes and brownies everywhere! I hadn’t had candy in a while and man is it bad! It’s good and fun but I did not feel good after…not worth it. Sweating it out helped though.
At a birthday dinner this evening yoga came up in conversation. One friend said “Yoga is legit!” then another said “It’s very humbling.” I find both statements to be true and accurate. Thanks friends!


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Day ninety four

Today will be the third in a row not going to the studio. This decision was made because I have come down with a bit of a head cold. I’ve chosen to rest and hydrate at home in hopes of feeling good enough to enjoy the busy and exciting week ahead.
I did do a longer than usual home practice with some sun salutations. In my head I was calling them moon salutations it being a full moon and all. I reminded myself to take it easy and not go too far. The room is cozy but not the temperature I’ve grown accustom to as of late.

On anther note I’ve decided to share some pictures with my blog friends. If you go back in blog world time a few weeks you will find out that I recently finished a five week eating challenge with the goal of loosing some weight. It was quite a good challenge! I eliminated all foods but meat, eggs and non-starchy vegetables and of course coffee (no cream). No carbs no sugars no dairy no grain. Before and after photographs were taken.
I lost some weight but there was an unexpected result that I didn’t think about or expect. The challenge ended around day 90 of yoga everyday, also during the 5 weeks I went to a 90 minute hot yoga class 6-7days a week. These photos show quite a change in my posture.

Before: September 22


After: October 27


Yoga was the only regular exercise I was getting during that time. So turns out yoga is good for the body!
Carry on and so shall I.

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Day ninety one

More Bikram happened today. Tomorrow I get a day off from the studio/Bikram and I get to eat some carbs! It’s true, your brain does need carbohydrates. Apparently it’s powered by glucose but can’t store any for later so it needs a constant supply. Complex carbohydrates are the best form of glucose because they get released into the blood stream bit by bit like a time-release sugar pill. Brain cells need twice as much energy to function compared to the other cells that make up the body. This webpage has some good information:
I can feel that my brain could use a boost in energy and tomorrow I will start to add carbs back into my diet. I will make sure to notice if my brain feels any different and will report back with any findings. Brain function is important and if it is compromised by these low to no carb diets then maybe its not worth it. I did drop some extra weight though which feels great!

On to the pose.
Fixed Firm Pose

This is the one that I hurt my lower back in back in July…

Benefits :
Fixed Firm Pose strengthens and improves the flexibility of the lower spine, hips, knees and ankle joints.

It increases circulation to the lower limbs, and is therapeutic for lower back pain, sciatica, rheumatism and varicose veins.

It helps prevent hernias.

Just take this one real slow, I learned that the hard way. Also, is this not the second pose that claims to prevent hernias? I didn’t realize it was such a problem.

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Day ninety

Bow Pose

Benefits :
Bow Pose opens up the rib cage, which allows the lungs to expand more fully.

This 360-degree flexion of the spine revitalizes all the spinal nerves by increasing circulation, and strengthens the spine along its entire length.

Besides helping with all manner of back problems, Bow Pose aids digestion, fights constipation, and combats bronchitis and diabetes while improving the functioning of the large and small intestines, the liver, kidneys and spleen.

This is from:

I think this diet of no carbs (except those found in veggies, non-starchy) is getting to me again. I’m pretty tired of only consuming meat and veggies. One more day! I’ve been getting tired in the afternoon/evenings, brain tired more than body tired. Then my mom out of no where asked if my brain has been tired, she says the brain is powered by carbohydrates. Maybe I’ll look that up, you know…fact check and stuff.
I love Bikram class, as does my mom and sister. We all go together and put our mats in a row by the mirror. I wonder if there are many other sister, daughter, mothers who go together.

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Day eighty nine

I look forward to Bikram tomorrow. To stay in the Bikram state of mind here is today’s pose.

Locust Pose

Benefits :
Full Locust increases strength in the middle spine; it is good for scoliosis, kyphosis, spondylosis and slipped discs.

It opens up the rib cage and increases elasticity there.

It also firms the abdominal muscles, upper arms, hips and thighs.
This is a good one, memorable.

This was the time I would have been at the studio but I opted out to get out, outside that is.
My yoga was done inside later in the evening.