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Day sixty five

Snow day! I was jumping all over the room this morning when I saw it!

An americano and a piece of bacon powered me through radiant flow. It was such a fun class shared with a girl on her wedding day!


My eating isn’t done for the day so I’ll leave it out. One glass of wine might be allowed…ONE!


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Day sixty four

This blog is not going in the direction I thought it would. Not that I had a vision really when I started. It’s just not quite what I pictured. Maybe it’s all the food pictures…

I went to Bikram again. It was good. Yesterday’s class was better.

It is snowing!

Breakfast: two eggs (three are a bit much) with sun dried tomatoes, bell pepper and spinach. Topped with avo and three pieces of bacon.

Coffee break with sister!

An americano with cinnamon!

Lunch: weird salad from salad bar and Mongolian beef again…probably not totally legal, reel it in!

Snack: rotisserie chicken leftovers

Dinner: a bunless burger at Bear Tooth with avo and more bacon with a side of broccoli, onions an bell peppers. There was a side of ketchup and spicy mayo which I did not touch!

How much bacon is too much?

Does anyone read this thing?

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Day sixty three

Hello day sixty three!
I believe that I had my best Bikram class yet. I felt so strong and relaxed. Maybe after two weeks solid with one day off it starts to feel different or maybe I really am getting stronger.

Breakfast: two egg scramble with lots of spinach and two pieces of bacon

Lunch: leftover brussels with bacon and Mongolian beef from the market

Dinner: chicken, roasted asparagus and chicken with avo


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Day sixty three

Breakfast: just a two egg scramble with lots of spinach and one piece of bacon chopped up in the eggs. I actually finished eating before 9…took me much longer to consume three eggs and four pieces of bacon.

Lunch: the best! Stuffed peppers!
Ground beef (organic) with red sauce baked and topped with avo!


Dinner: rotisserie chicken from the market and a small green salad. Dinner was interrupted by buying a new car!!! A Subaru no less!

Hot flow happened somewhere in there. I’m really liking the way those classes are structured these days. They are a little more predictable and relaxing yet still very challenging. Not to mention crowded! It is yoga season in Anchorage, prepare to be very near others.

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Day sixty two

B-fast: same as yesterday

Lunch: leftover asparagus and bison steak… with a red bell pepper for dessert. This got some attention at the office. Apparently it’s impressive to bring such a dish to work.

Dinner: bacon wrapped brussel sprouts! And a green salad with bell peppers, avo and some tasty balsamic dressing.

With a cup of apple cider autumn tea for dessert. Delightful!

Now on to yoga. I took a day off from the studio. But not from yoga, don’t fret!
I just needed a break from going there plus Bikram wasn’t till 8:15 and my body is tired from the two weeks straight of the Bikram/hot flow rotation…also I think I’ve been experiencing carb/sugar withdrawals which are making me kind of a bitch and nauseous in that hot, humid room!
Some living room yoga was just what I needed. I even felt rather limber.

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Day sixty one

Day sixty one of yoga and two of this eating challenge.
Hotflow had an amazing soundtrack but I felt wrecked and still do…

Beartooth for dinner!
The special! A jicama, carrot and avocado salad with a olive oil dressing and blackened salmon. So tasty, go try one!


Breakfast was a three egg scramble with spinach and four pieces of bacon. I ate it a work and it took all morning…usually I eat oatmeal.

Lunch was a big bowl of spinach and mixed greens with avocado, bell peppers and chicken cooked in garlic and sun dried tomatoes.

I’m not prepared for tomorrow’s eating…

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Day sixty

Alright yoga blog world! Prepare for pictures of food…and by food I mean meat and veggies and nothing else…
This body composition eating challenge may consume a large portion of my life for the next 5 weeks.
Bikram happened today. It was wicked humid!

Breakfast: two scrambled eggs with sundried tomatoes and 1/3 avo.

Lunch: chicken on spinach


Dinner: pan fried ( in coconut oil!) bison new york steaks, roasted asparagus and orange bell peppers! Eat your heart out!

Also, kale chips are good!