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Day twentythree

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The following in an excerpt from The Science of Yoga The Risks and the Rewards written by William J. Broad, page 41, third and fourth paragraphs.

“The spine is another target. Yoga has long claimed that all the bending and stretching will make the backbone youthful. Science has examined such declarations and found that yoga can, in fact, counteract the deterioration of the disks that lie between the vertebrae.

The watery cushions act as pivot points and shock absorbers so that the vertebrae can move smoothly, letting the body go through its regular bending and rotating. The disks of adults have no blood supply of their own but instead rely on nearby vessels to nourish them. With normal aging, the already limited supply of blood diminishes still further and the disks gradually dry out and become thinner. As a result, the trunk shortens and a person shrinks in size. The thinning of the disks can result in a number of nerve conditions and severe pain.”

This book has been very interesting to read but these paragraphs really jumped out at me and I felt with my recent back pain that they are pertinent to mention here. Take care of the back.

My back is feeling better and I was able to do more strength poses this evening but kept it pretty close to the ground.

Tomorrow I plan to go to Bikrham and look forward to it.


Author: yogaforemily

I have challenged myself to do yoga everyday for one year and thought I'd blog about it. I have been practicing yoga on and off and back and forth for about 9 years and I have decided that it is time for me to really delve in and figure out what it's all about, if it is something I want to make part of my life. I also thought this might put some discipline in to my day and be a fun way to express my thoughts and share some pictures that may or may not have anything directly to do with yoga.

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