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Day thirty six

What a strange day on the Island. Terrible weather! Windy rainy fogy. But I had no work going on so I was dry inside. Then there was some back and forth about when I will return home…was supposed to be tomorrow then they say Monday but then they’re like well Friday is fine we’re slow right now anyway…
Anyway! I’m outta here tomorrow! If weather cooperates that is. Good thing cause I’m tired of my yoga routine here and the lack of privacy and space.
The usual tent practice. Some half moon, bridge, hips and a little twists. I’ll have to try for an early morning session tomorrow cause I have a long travel day ahead. Turns out it takes awhile to get from here to there with a few hour stop in Nome.

This what I did with part of my day…


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Day thirty five

Day 35
Uuhggg. I’m not really into blogging today. I did the same thing as yesterday. I’ll be off the island soon and will have something to write about.

This sticker is on the side of a connex box. Sorta dramatic.

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Day thirty four

I started out with the tent to myself but then the new girl came back and lounged on her bed facing me like she wanted to be included in my yoga or something. It wasn’t the most comfortable thing. It did make me ponder how I either prefer to practice yoga completely alone or in a room full of strangers, usually sweaty strangers at that!

I don’t have anything else to say specifically about yoga. I feel like I should have more to share since this is a blog about yoga but hey, I am on an almost deserted island living in a tent with two other ladies in a camp with about 35 men.
Just a few more days. I’m glad that I didn’t have to spend my whole summer here like some of these poor souls!

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Day thirty three

Day 33
So we have acquired a third tent mate…this means I have to share my yoga area. Which is fine and this evening she isn’t even in here but this could make it tricky.
I had to stop after a short time because it smells like the camp people are burning trash and the wind is such that it’s blowing into camp and hurting my throat! It’s hard to focus on breathing when it is uncomfortable and smelly. This place isn’t always fun…it really is quite stinky! My nose will need a rest. I also look forward to going to a Bikram class and practicing in the comfort of my own living room!

(pic of me in nice evening last night by lagoon)
It is nice here…sometimes.



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Day thirty two

So I will confess to doing yoga while watching the Simpsons on my computer. I’m still sticking with the half moon and bridge as the core of my routine. I threw in a tree pose into the mix as well. I’m so glad that I started this blog because otherwise I may have blown off doing any yoga while out here.
It turned out to be a sunny evening which made my yoga spot glow green!


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Day thirty

This evening I was NOT full of cake. And I will say that it made yoga more enjoyable. I practiced in front of the little heater in the tent, it was very cozy. The wind today has been insufferable and it not about to let up. It did clear up however and now the sunshine is trying to entice us outside but the wind just wont have it.
I miss Bikram already…. I like to start my little yoga with half moon pose. It is currently my favorite. Perhaps I should include a photo of the pose one of these days.
Northeast Cake!
Just a week left of tent yoga!