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Day six

Today is actually day 7 and I have yet to practice any yoga…

Yesterday was day six! And I went to a deep stretch class taught by a new teacher, new to me at least. It was very relaxing and worked my hammies, which I need to focus on at home. If my hamstrings become limber then maybe my low back will never hurt again!? I think that’s what they say anyway…


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Day five

Today (actually yesterday, Sunday) turned out to be the best day ever, not exaggerating even a little! Good thing I fit my little yoga practice in in the morning! I did some hero’d pose and took a picture. I am sitting on a block, I can sit my butt on the ground between my feet but it really wrenches on my knees! So I’ll have to use the block for longer periods of time and just play with no block for short stints…


I was also surprised and left breathless by my love of four years when he proposed!

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Day four

The first half of this day way crystal clear and hot, the second half has become overcast and windy. As this change was taking place I was attending a Yoga Basics class with my most favorite yoga teacher! I think that it is often assumed that because a class is called basic it will be easy and as with most assumptions it is wrong. It was not an easy class, I am a bit sore now that its over and I broke a sweat during. Basic does not equal easy…

The objective of the class is to approach a few poses as if you’ve never encountered them before, deconstruct them and then reconstruct them from the ground up. Every movement is intentional. Every aspect is explained. It is hard trying to focus on positioning your body correctly while trying to take in everything the teacher is saying. Most classes move so fast there is not always time to pay attention to every part of the body engaged in the posture.

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Day three

Good afternoon blog world!! It is nearly impossible to find time to write a wee little post in this amazing weather! Shorts and tank tops is all you need! I did do yoga though and it felt really good. I tend to go to hot yoga classes and it is so different not in a heated room. My living room is really quite perfect for yoga what with the nice windows and all.
The photo that goes with this post is of me in downward facing dog. I intend to post sever pictures of poses in the next week as then take them again in a few months to track any progress that may happen.
I’m off to play in the sun and dance tw night away!


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Day two

I am very slowly making sense of how to build this blog. I just assumed it would be the easiest thing but what do I know about blogs?! Nothing is what.

I went to a very relaxing one hour deep stretch class this evening. It was a sunny day and there are large windows with flowing curtains in this studio so the room felt like it had been soaked in sun rays all day. It was so pleasantly warm, the sort of warm you wish you could find on a dark and frozen December day. It was also deliciously relaxing and slow moving. All of the poses were done lying down and I was half way to being asleep the entire hour. It sometimes is so important feeling to slow down and allow yourself to relax to that degree, to totally let go of the busy week and all the thought swimming in your brain. In addition to the relaxed mental state I was treated to my hips and hamstrings received a nice gentle ringing out which they appreciated after I made them go on two bike rides last night!

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Day one

This is day one! I’ve made it official even though this blog page is not quite ready…I just had to start somewhere. My practice today was short but pretty sweet. Some sun salutations a.k.a. sunnies with a bit of hip work. I also attempted to stand on my head which is something I’ve done in the past but couldn’t quite make it happen today. That’s the thing about this yoga there is always room to grow.
I’ll leave off with a picture from this glorious sunny afternoon!